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Deep in the collective consciousness of cricket lovers, there was something not right with the way the 2019 World Cup final ended. The final moments may have been a sincere mistake on part of the governing body, but it’s handling is a conscious choice, a choice we must be able to explain to the next generation. 


The 2019 moment is not about a team or a nation, it is about a long term outlook and about doing our due diligence as fans, players, administrators towards leaving the game in a better place than we embraced it in. 


‘Hello ICC’ is a film / presentation to International Cricket Council (ICC) and the cricket community so this moment is reflected upon and addressed the right way. Imagine a simple honorary declaration announcing New Zealand as equal joint winners along with England. Is that not a direction that looks good on our leaders, our heroes, our generation as a whole, when viewed back 30-40 years from now? The facts are so simple that someday this will be addressed, but can we find the strength to act in the best interest of the game today?      

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