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A team won the World, other left with a Cup

Have we set cricket in the right direction with handling of the 2019 World Cup result? 

Why it stays relevant

Thoughts from a personal journey and for a more conscious cricket world


Much like the World Cup final in 1983 that set cricket on an inspiring and unforeseen path, 2019 may be another subtle yet pivotal moment for this global era. Following the events of July 14 2019, the world of cricket spoke in unison. Our conscious does not pick sides, it feels, it knows. 


The handling of the 2019 moment by the International Cricket Council (ICC) is a choice and sets a tone. A moment of reflection since 2019, shows increased instances of self-interest around tours and schedules, often done openly without much reservations, and more contentious moments on the field. We can choose a path of spirit that leaves the game in a better place we inherited.  


India is not only a leader of the game today but also a spiritual and moral compass for the world. Importantly, what the world of cricket becomes and inspires through this era will be a legacy of India. The 2019 moment remains a moment for India to live an example of spiritual leadership for the world. 

Hello ICC

Hello ICC, is a presentation to ICC, other leading voices of the game, and to the cricket community keeping the emotions of the 2019 World Cup final alive. With its simple questions, it intends to inspire a world of higher cricket consciousness, where the 2019 moment is handled with humanness and common sense.   

"Not cricket" Kane Williamson

"Not fair result" Eoin Morgan

Rule scrapped by ICC


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